Free agency will proceed as planned

Free agency will proceed as planned

After much discussion and debate, the NFL will start its new league year as planned. A source with knowledge of the situation has informed PFT that the new league year, and thus free agency, officially starts on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

Which means that as a practical matter free agency starts Monday at noon ET, when the negotiating window opens.

Some had believed that the league would delay free agency, due to the bad optics of players signing multi-million-dollar deals during deeply troubled times. With team facilities closed, it won’t be easy to do the usual press conferences and physicals that accompany signings.

Indeed, if a national quarantine is imposed by Wednesday (which isn’t out of the question at this point), those physicals will be delayed, indefinitely.

But the decision was made to proceed, possibly in part because there’s a chance things aren’t going to get any better two or four or six or even eight weeks from now.