Teacher killed when Audi driver had coughing fit and blacked out at the wheel

Teacher killed when Audi driver had coughing fit and blacked out at the wheel

A teacher was killed seconds after stepping off a bus when she was hit by an Audi at 48mph.

Neil Roberts was on his way home from holiday with wife Louise who grabbed the steering wheel when he blacked out from the coughing fit and veered onto the pavement. However, the Audi Quattro hit Toiria Ouhoud, 47, at a bus stop in Twickenham, south west London.

Toiria was looking into her bag when she was hit by the Audi, which was driving at a reasonable speed until Mr Roberts was rendered momentarily unconscious. She was sent flying into a post and died later from multiple injuries in January 2018.

Doctors said he had suffered cough syncope, a loss of consciousness from coughing episodes. PC Simon Palmer said investigators had asked Audi to give them data from the Audi’s black box, but they refused to hand it over.

DS Andy Russell said: ‘His driving did not fall below safety standards. He has suffered an unexpected medical episode which has resulted in collision with Ms Ouhoud which has proven fatal.’

Alistair Bury, 48, Toiria’s former partner, paid tribute to the French and Spanish high school teacher. He said: ‘Toiria was incredibly elegant, dainty and always smartly dressed including that day. She was a very wise and kind person. If she was in a room, she would never be the one who was outspoken but everyone always remembered her.

‘This was a tragedy that has affected many people. We were all blessed by our time with her.’

Mr Bury’s family added that information from the black box should have been provided to police by Audi by law.

He said: ‘They have gone out of their way to withhold the information which we feel would not really be relevant to the case of Toiria’s death but could well be relevant to the prevention of future collisions.’

Coroner Chinyere Inyama said: ‘The issue of the Audi has not affected the cause of death. I am very happy to write a letter to Audi to say that there was a lack of cooperation which may have added to the inquest.’

Mr Inyama confirmed Ms Ouhoud died as a result of a road traffic collision and the medical cause of death was given as multiple injuries.

He said: ‘Quite clearly this is a death which resulted from a road traffic collision and that is what is going to be recorded at this inquest.

‘This is a formal process. Hopefully that will help you draw some sort of a line. She clearly made a mark in her short life.’